Quality Assurance Cell (QAC) Members


Prof. Farid Uddin Ahmed

Vice Chancellor, SUST
Phone: 714306, 712706, /201
Email: vc@sust.edu

Member Secretary

Additional Director, IQAC

Md Ishrat Ibne Ismail

Additional Director, IQAC, SUST
Phone: 01717021650
Email: ishrat384-eng@sust.edu


Prof. Dr. Md. Ashraful Alam, Director, IQAC, SUST

Prof. Dr Md Ashraful Alam

Director, IQAC, SUST
Phone: 01718364976
Email: ashraf_sust@yahoo.com

Prof. Md Rashed Talukder, PhD

Dean, Physical Sciences
Phone: 01712239309
Email: r.talukder-mat@sust.edu

Prof Dr. Md. Faisal Ahmmed

Prof. Dr Md Faisal Ahmmed

Dean, Social Sciences
Phone: 01716201325
Email: dr.faisal_ahmed@yahoo.com


Prof. Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed

Dean, Applied Sciences & Technology
Phone: 01711161075
Email: mushtaq_cee@yahoo.com


Prof. Dr S M Abu Sayem

Dean, Life Sciences
Phone: 01717082520
Email: asayem08@yahoo.com

Prof Dr Md Monirul Islam

Prof. Dr Md Monirul Islam

Dean, Management & Business Administration
Phone: 01717481319
Email: monir-ban@sust.edu


Prof. Dr. Romel Ahmed

Dean, Agriculture & Mineral Sciences
Phone: 01874934514
Email: romel-fes@sust.edu

M. Jahirul Islam PhD

M. Jahirul Islam, PhD., PEng.

Director, IICT, SUST
Phone: 01770348185
Email: jahir-cse@sust.edu

Prof Dr Md Elias Uddin Biswas

Prof. Dr Md Elias Uddin Biswas

Department of Mathematics, SUST
Phone: 01711806340
Email: ebiswasmat@yahoo.com

Prof. Dr M Alamgir Toimoor

Director, IML, SUST
Phone: 01718337348
Email: toimoor@sust.edu

Prof Dr. Md. Kabir Hossain

Prof. Dr. Md. Kabir Hossain

Department of Statistics, SUST
Phone: 01711184818
Email: khossain.sust@gmail.com

Mr Mohd Ishfaqul Hussain

Register, SUST
Phone: 0821728338
Email: registrar@sust.edu

Mr A N M Zoinal Abedin

Director of Accounts, SUST
Phone: 01918581218
Email: za-fnc@sust.edu

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